Helipad LLC Announces Launch of New Pilot Kneeboard


Melbourne, FL, September 6, 2014- Helipad LLC has launched a new pilot kneeboard designed by helicopter pilots for helicopter pilots.

“Although we specifically designed our kneeboards with the helicopter pilot in mind, any pilot who desires the ability to maintain hardcopy checklists or approach plates and an iPad or iPad Mini within a tightly spaced or open cockpit environment would benefit from using a Helipad Kneeboard TM,” says Vince Bustillo, owner of Helipad LLC.

The kneeboard was developed with several unique benefits. First, the kneeboard improves the pilot’s ability to reference checklists or approach plates without distraction caused by the remaining documents, usually left flapping in the wind with other kneeboards. Next, the kneeboard is capable of holding an iPad or iPad Mini whether they are enclosed in a protective cover or not. The kneeboard was also designed to accommodate spare batteries for noise canceling headsets and an external power supply used to power an iPad. Finally, an adjustable penholder doubles as a thumb-rest for the collective control hand. The kneeboard combines all of these features while maintaining a small signature within the cockpit.

The kneeboards are available at Ocean Helicopters, Inc., West Palm Beach, FL, the exclusive distributor for Helipad Kneeboards or online at http://helipadkneeboards.com.

Helipad LLC is a is a Veteran Owned small business based in Melbourne, FL, that designs and manufactures pilot kneeboards. For more information on Helipad LLC, please call 321-506-2482 or visit http://helipadkneeboards.com.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Vince Bustillo at 321-506-2482 or email at Vince.bustillo@helipadkneeboards.com.