Hodges University to Award Credit for Pilot Licenses and Ratings


City of Apopka, FL, March 1, 2021 First Landings Aviation and Pilots, Inc. (“FLAP”) flight training students are now able to receive university credits towards a Bachelor of Science Degree at Hodges University for FAA licenses and ratings earned. Students accepted by Hodges University may be awarded up to 30 credit hours, and will be eligible for scholarships, grants and student loans.

“We are incredibly excited about working with Hodges University – we can now offer our students – those in the local High Schools as well as those local and international adult students – the opportunity to obtain both a Bachelor of Science Degree as well as a Commercial Pilots license,” said  Captain Adam Valencic, Chief Instructor at First Landings Aviation.

Credit hours may be applied to the University’s Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies in the Aviation program, or alternatively may be applied as elective credit to a variety of other associate or baccalaureate degree options offered at Hodges. All classwork for Hodges is offered online, so the students will have maximum flexibility in studying with their schedules.

“While attending First Landings, students can complete their Bachelor of Science degrees online, and are able to earn their Private Pilot through their Commercial Pilot Licenses, all in less than three years,” said Pete Lankester, Vice President of Operations -“the demand for pilots globally exceeds the supply through the year 2029,” he quoted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Both Hodges University and First Landings Aviation have rolling enrollment, with classes commencing at the beginning of every month. First Landings Aviation, an FAA approved Part 141 Flight School, has been in continuing operation for 11 years, and is focused on providing the safest and highest quality flight training for accepted students. Applications for Admission can be found at www.FirstLandings.com.