Hopscotch Air Appoints Chief Pilot, Check Pilot


Hopscotch Air, the transformative air taxi service offering private aviation at affordable prices, is pleased to announce that Joe DiPietro has joined the company as Chief Pilot. Hopscotch Air also announces the promotion of Ray Castaldini to the position of Chief Instructor Pilot and Check Pilot.

Joe brings three decades of commercial aviation experience to Hopscotch Air, including extensive experience with on-demand operations.

Ray, who is an adjunct professor at the State University of New York-Farmingdale, where he teaches aviation, has been a Captain with Hopscotch Air for more than two years.

Joe and Ray join Director of Operations Dennis O’Connell, who served for 32 years at TWA, and Director of Maintenance Sean McFadden in Hopscotch Air’s on-going process of building the air taxi service of the future. Sean is also Director of Maintenance at Nassau Flyers, a Cirrus service center where Hopscotch aircraft are maintained.

“We now have some of the most experienced aviators serving in senior management, along with people who understand where aviation is going from a safety, technology, and customer standpoint,” said Andrew Schmertz, Hopscotch Air CEO.

“This summer, we crossed several major milestones, including the hiring of our first Check Pilot, the expansion of the fleet, and the initial approval for use of the Electronic Flight Bag. All of this was the result of our team working together,” said Dennis O’Connell, Hopscotch Air’s Director of Operations.

About Hopscotch Air Hopscotch Air, a transformative, FAA-certified air taxi service, launched in April 2009 to deliver private aviation at affordable prices. Hopscotch Air flies a fleet of technologically advanced and efficient Cirrus SR22 aircraft and serves hundreds of lightly used airports from its bases in Westchester, NY, Long Island, NY, Bedford, MA and San Diego, CA. For more information about Hopscotch Air contact us at 877-255-2HOP or visit us at flyhopscotch.com

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