Iris Dynamics Introduces Control Loading Actuator


Victoria, BC, Canada, October 19, 2015 — Iris Dynamics Ltd. today announced the introduction of their innovative Siilk(TM) 10001 two-axis variable force control loading actuator. Available as a self-contained module, the Siilk actuator provides a simple upgrade path for system integrators who wish to add realistic flight forces and haptic feel to the control yoke in their flight training devices.

Iris Dynamics has dramatically lowered the cost of control loading so that every flight school with a flight training device (FTD) can economically upgrade and achieve better training outcomes. This reduces aircraft operating costs and the reduction in fuel and oil consumption contributes to a lower environmental footprint. System integrators can now transform their clunky, passive procedure trainers into highly interactive and realistic simulators.

According to Patrick McFadden, President of Iris Dynamics “We’ve taken the technology platform from our self-contained yoke systems and transformed it into a stand-alone module. We expect this device to be popular with system integrators and prosumer flight sim builders.”

Added McFadden, “As a development platform, it is easy for us to offer custom engineered functions for specific customers and different markets. We can offer different stroke lengths, angles of rotation, physical mounting options or custom firmware. For example, our technology has been used in everything from NASA flight simulators to Bobsled training devices.”

The breakthrough Siilk 10001 device is the industry’s first stand-alone multi-axis control loading actuator. It uses patent-pending electro-mechanical impedance (EMZ) technology, proprietary control algorithms and a high speed microprocessor to impart smooth, cogless linear force in the pitch axis. A similar method is used to enhance the roll axis. The actuator has one major moving part, greatly simplifying the design and improving system reliability, reducing maintenance and enhancing performance. It provides a 6-wire cable in the center of the shaft for connecting switches and pushbuttons and a USB port for interconnecting to MAC, PC or LINUX computers running X-Plane, Prepar3D or FSX.

The Siilk 10001 is priced at US$945 and is available from An optional yoke handle integration board is available for US$175. All devices are built to order and shipped within 3 weeks. Customization is available; please contact Iris Dynamics for more information.

Iris Dynamics Ltd. is a privately held Canadian advanced technology company that provides precision control-loading actuator systems for aerial, marine and terrestrial vehicles, factory automation, simulation and remote control.