Jeppesen Partners With Avionics Source


Jeppesen, a part of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, has partnered with Avionics Source, a premier online avionics marketplace, to provide general aviation pilots with avionics system expertise and industry-leading flight data subscriptions, offered together in a one-stop shop environment.

“We are ecstatic to partner with general aviation’s leading brand, and we look forward to providing Jeppesen customers around the world with an enviable customer experience and an exclusive cost-saving promotion,” said Chase Larabee, founder, Avionics Source. “Jeppesen is transforming the way the world moves, and together, we’re transforming the way their general aviation customers connect with Jeppesen.”

As part of the new relationship, pilots who purchase a one-year Jeppesen data subscription through Avionics Source will receive one additional month of NavData(R) navigation information and digital charting services at no additional charge. The Seattle-based Avionics Source connects aircraft owners with manufacturers, avionics shops, and other aviation consumers. Buyers and sellers are able to conduct business through a single online resource, in real time.

“Connecting the general aviation community with the resources they need to fly in a one-stop research and purchase environment simplifies what can be a complex process,” said Reggie Arsenault, director, Jeppesen General Aviation Client Management. “With a wide array of avionics hardware and Jeppesen’s leading global data services now available through Avionics Source, pilots will be able to take to the skies backed with the top equipment and data available.”

Explore Jeppesen’s dedicated company hub at, where Avionics Source showcases Jeppesen’s products, promotions, news, and more for global customers. For more about the Avionics Source marketplace, please visit