Jet Association to Optimize Crew & Flight Scheduling with Jeppesen Solver


GENEVA, May 29, 2018 — Boeing [NYSE: BA], through its subsidiary Jeppesen, today announced an agreement with Jet Association, a global network of premium private jets, based in London. Jet Association will integrate Jeppesen Solver technology to simplify the task of managing flight and crew scheduling across its operations.

Jeppesen Solver is a cloud-based optimization engine for business aviation operators that creates optimized FAA and EASA-compliant schedules based on operational preferences, crew utilization and other factors to increase efficiency. Jeppesen and Jet Association will work closely together to enhance advance planning, day-of-flight preparation and recovery operations, should unexpected schedule disruptions take place.

“Optimization of flight and crew planning is a top priority to efficiently manage the fleet for our customer base,” said Ben Grant, founder, Jet Association. “Jeppesen Solver tools provide the foundation for better management of complex operations and we look forward to working together to maximize revenue through efficient use of our resources and time spent with planning.”

Use of Jeppesen Solver’s automated process allows office staff and crew to focus on other flight requirements and customer needs, rather than spending time dealing with factors such as scheduling issues and disruptions such as weather delays or airport closures.

“We are pleased to team with Jet Association to integrate our top operations optimization engine that will increase customer and crew satisfaction across their global operations,” said William Ampofo, vice president, Business & General Aviation, Boeing Global Services. “Advance planning of resources, including aircraft and crew, and quick recovery from disruptions using Jeppesen Solver will result in an improved bottom line for Jet Association.”

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