Jet Shades Announces Total Cirrus Solution


Jet Shades, the exclusive manufacturer of removable sun protecting panels for pilots, announced today that the company now offers a Total Cirrus Solution package. This package is designed for the unique configuration of Cirrus aircraft, and features a complete set of Jet Shades that extends protection beyond the pilot to the passengers and storage areas as well.

Jet Shades are lightweight push-in-place panels made from optical-quality polycarbonate treated through a proprietary process to block infrared waves, ultraviolet waves, visible light, and solar energy. To address the specific needs of Cirrus pilots and passengers, the new Total Cirrus Solution includes the following panels and a microfiber storage case:

– Two cockpit door Jet Shades – One windshield Jet Shade – Two passenger windows Jet Shades – A rear storage area skylight Jet Shade

The package significantly reduces temperature, glare, and UV radiation on Cirrus aircraft, resulting in a cooler environment for less pilot fatigue and greater comfort for all on board. If a Cirrus already has the Limo Tint option from the factory, Jet Shades can be added to these windows to block additional heat, light, and solar energy while still allowing clear visibility.

“The Total Cirrus Solution offers maximum protection for pilots, passengers, and the entire aircraft interior,” explained Kevin Duggan, founder of Jet Shades and owner of a Cirrus aircraft. “This package will cool down flights, significantly increase pilot and passenger comfort, and protect all on board from harmful UV radiation. Plus, they decrease glare to reduce headaches, eye strain and pilot fatigue.”

With their patent pending design, the panels simply push into place into the window trim and are secured by friction tabs for a snug fit, even in severe turbulence. Since no clips or other fasteners are needed, the panels can be quickly and easily installed and removed, even during flight when autopilot is engaged.

In addition to Cirrus, Jet Shades are available for almost any aircraft, including jets, turbo props, props, experimental/homebuilt planes, helicopters, and more. The products can be ordered directly from or from authorized dealers.

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About Jet Shades

Jet Shades was founded by an engineer and private pilot who was always hot in the cockpit and wrestled with sun glare. His solution was to develop a sun blocking panel that is quickly installed and easily removed from inside the existing window opening. Jet Shades can be made to fit most aircraft cockpit windows. All Jet Shades products and accessories are made 100% in the USA. For more information,