Just Aircraft Builds Offshore Dealer Network


Walhalla, SC – Having received authorization from England’s Civil Aviation Authority to market SuperSTOL kits in the UK, Just Aircraft has taken the first step in establishing a global dealer network. They are seeking additional dealers in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Most countries will require local approval by aviation authorities, but having been through the process in England, it is expected that other nations will be able to move forward more quickly.

Just Aircraft has already produced over 600 aircraft kits for construction and operation in North America. Of the 600, nearly 200 sales have been for the SuperSTOL, their newest and most versatile design. They will continue to market factory direct in North America, but wish to have factory representatives in the other continents.

The SuperSTOL has become the leader in STOL aircraft kits with takeoff and landing requirements of little more than 50′. When fitted with 29″ tundra tires, the SuperSTOL can land in just about any kind of clearing, riverbed or shoreline. Floats and skis are additional options for the two-seat, high wing, tube and fabric aircraft. To enhance the slow flight characteristics of the SuperSTOL, the wings are fitted with slats, Fowler flaps, spoilers and vortex generators, allowing for an airplane that virtually will not stall with power applied.