LifeStyle Aviation’s DiamondShare Program Continues Rapid Growth


MORRISVILLE, N.C. – LifeStyle Aviation, the leading distributor of new and used Diamond Aircraft in North America, has added its newest DiamondShare location, signing a Diamond DA40 NG to the program at Syracuse Hancock International Airport in New York.

Dr. Richard Tallarico, an orthopedic surgeon in East Syracuse, New York, purchased the new airplane as a way to enjoy trips with his family and complete his instrument rating quickly. LifeStyle Aviation recruited two DiamondShare members who help offset the costs of ownership while allowing them to gain access to a modern general aviation airplane they otherwise could not afford.

In making his decision about which airplane to purchase, Dr. Tallarico said he was attracted foremost to Diamond’s strong commitment to designing the most advanced and safest general aviation aircraft in the industry.

“Right from my initial research, it was the safety profile of this aircraft and the DiamondShare program that attracted me,” Dr. Tallarico said. “The DA40 has the safest track record of any competing airplane. With the New Generation DA40 I was drawn by the technology and convenience that make it the most advanced entry-level, single-engine piston airplane available.”

The new four-seat Diamond DA40 NG features a 168 hp jet-A-burning Austro diesel engine that is extremely smooth and fuel efficient. The computer-controlled engine completes its before-takeoff runup automatically, has no propeller or mixture controls, and burns less fuel than comparable gasoline aircraft engines while propelling the DA40 NG to a cruise speed of an impressive 150 ktas.

The latest Garmin G1000 NXi avionics in the DA40 NG ease workload for single pilots while offering an array of advanced technologies including Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology, WAAS LPV approach capability and GFC 700 integrated automatic flight controls.

The combination of diesel engine technology, advanced avionics and an innovative ownership model made the purchase an easy choice, Dr. Tallarico said.

“Beyond the technology in the airplane, it was DiamondShare program that made this acquisition justifiable,” he said. “It was important that I had a safe plane with the most technologically advanced features but I wanted to make sure the economics were easy to justify as well. The combination of DiamondShare and the DA40 NG checked all the boxes for me.”

Since LifeStyle Aviation introduced the program, DiamondShare has grown to include dozens of locations throughout the United States. DiamondShare is designed essentially to cover the payments and major expenses of a new Diamond Aircraft for the owner while giving members the benefits of new aircraft access with none of the hassles of partnerships. Beyond the monthly membership fee, DiamondShare members pay only for the fuel they use as insurance is included.

For many pilots, DiamondShare is fast becoming their preferred route for attaining an aviation lifestyle of their dreams. Dr. Tallarico, who earned his private pilot certificate last summer, said he couldn’t be happier with the choice he made.

“This is a beautiful aircraft,” he said. “The fit and finish are excellent. It has great ramp appeal. But more importantly, this is a well-designed aircraft that is very pilot-centric. I love the handling and ease of entry into the cabin. The Jet-A engines with automated runup and virtually no pilot work-load make the plane a virtual ‘magic carpet’ for me and my family.  For a freshly minted pilot like myself, that’s important because I want to be able to aviate without the burden of the complexities that Diamond has done such a great job in eliminating with the DA40 NG. The DiamondShare program brought it all together and the folks at LifeStyle were amazing supporting me every step of the way.”

About LifeStyle Aviation

LifeStyle Aviation specializes in the marketing and sale of modern personal aircraft with Diamond Aircraft being one of the company’s most popular brands.

LifeStyle is the leading seller of new and used Diamonds in North America and also delivers aircraft worldwide. The company has invested in being the leading provider of diesel single- and twin-engine jet-A piston aircraft, including the DA40 NG, DA42 and the all-new DA62. LifeStyle Aviation also created the unique DiamondShare  program ( ) that provides attractive shared access to modern aircraft allowing people to justify the plane of their dreams and “Make the Dollars Make Sense.”

LifeStyle Aviation created the LifeStyle Aviation Network that includes flight centers, affiliates and international partners to create a productive, pooled source for buying and selling modern aircraft, facilitating flight center development, accessing shared ownership programs and transitioning from entry-level aircraft to advanced high-performance planes. The LifeStyle Aviation Network offers a wide range of quality, modern aircraft from Diamond, Piper, Mooney, Cessna, Cirrus and more.

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About Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft, headquartered in Austria with facilities in Canada and China, is among the leading aircraft manufacturers in General Aviation. Founded in 1981, Diamond has pioneered many aviation firsts and achieved numerous milestones and industry expert accolades.

Today, Diamond Aircraft has more than 1,000 employees worldwide and offers the most complete range of certified piston aircraft models: from the 2 seat single DA20 to the stunning 7 seat DA62. With its complete line of piston aircraft including a dedicated flight training concept with Single Engine Piston (DA40 NG, DA40XLT) and Multi Engine Piston (DA42-VI, DA42-L360) trainers, along with type-specific flight training simulators and proprietary engines, Diamond Aircraft is the only sole source provider in the fleet training market.

Diamond Aircraft also made a footprint in the special mission market with the remote sensing turnkey solutions DA42 MPP and DA62 MPP and the soon to be certified aerobatic turboprop tandem trainer series DART. Diamond Aircraft uses proprietary lead-free jet fuel piston engines, made by Austro Engine GmbH (a 100% subsidiary of Diamond Aircraft Austria), for the DA40NG, DA42-VI and DA62. Every one of Diamond’s aircraft shares a common DNA, incorporating leading edge technology, not for the sake of innovation, but for superior performance, efficiency and safety. Over 5,000 Diamond airplanes are flown by private pilots, professional flight training operators and institutions worldwide.

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