LIFT Aviation Combines Form, Function With Protection


Introducing LIFT Aviation, the new definition of performance in flight. Whether you are a seasoned pilot with thousands of hours spent in the cockpit or an aspiring enthusiast preparing to take flight, LIFT Aviation delivers gear that provides safety, comfort and style as you take to the open skies. We are bridging the gap between apparel and safety products currently available to pilots and the quality and performance their lifestyle requires and deserves.

Everyday drivers, sailors, and cyclists each have a plethora of product options to match their lifestyle and pilots certainly deserve the same. These individuals operate in extreme conditions to chase their passion, but no current lifestyle brand caters to them. That’s where LIFT Aviation comes in. A higher standard product, better design and more comfort specifically to equip pilots with stylish, high-performance apparel and equipment.

Founded in 2014, after 30 years of experience in the action sports industry, the founders of LIFT have taken their experience at delivering top-quality products to serve the needs of a field they are both passionate about – flight. They have worked painstakingly to apply advanced protective technology, developed at their previous venture EVS Sports, to the world of piloting. This passion and know-how results in the first and best brand offering technologically advanced gear that enables top performance for pilots.

Conceived, developed, engineered and produced in the United States with the utmost importance placed on performance and fit for even the most demanding pilots, LIFT’s team has worked closely with some of the world’s premiere pilots to ensure each product rises to the occasion. These include current and former pilots from the United States Air Force, the legendary Blue Angels, instructors with the United States Navy’s TOP GUN program and many more. Simply put, these are not your everyday pilots and the feedback has been unanimous: LIFT Aviation is doing what no other brand on the market is doing by producing innovative, high-performance gear designed specifically for pilots of all sorts including: military, commercial, General Aviation, fixed wing, and rotary.

Our current line includes equipment for every skill level of pilot, bringing unique products to the forefront of the aviation market. From flight helmets and caps to lightweight footwear, LIFT Aviation offers solutions to protect pilots, quite literally, from head to toe. Skilled in making technologically advanced gear for people who operate in the most extreme conditions, our products will ensure that those in flight have the best experience possible.

From the moment a child gets their first set of pilot wings to critical moments in the cockpit flying in extreme conditions, LIFT Aviation will be there every step of the way offering premium lifestyle products to those romanced by flight.

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