Mahindra Aerospace Introduces New Brand Positioning For Its Airvan Aircraft Family


Morwell, Vic Australia, 17 July, 2014: Mahindra Aerospace, a part of India’s Mahindra Group, has rebranded its GA8 Airvan and GA10 utility aircraft as the Airvan 8 and Airvan 10, solidifying its position as a manufacturer of the most rugged, durable and versatile utility aircraft in the world. “The new logo and naming convention is closely aligned to Mahindra’s brand identity. It is dynamic, energetic, growth-focused, and true to our vision which is to build a robust business encompassing both aircraft and component manufacture for Indian and global markets,” said Arvind Mehra, Executive Director and Global CEO of Mahindra Aerospace. “The new identity combines the Airvan name with the numbers 8 and 10 signifying seat capacity. We have also drawn inspiration from the ‘Ridge’, which has been creatively integrated, into the lettering. It is part of Mahindra’s brand identity and symbolizes the pathway to achieving one’s potential and aspirations. Use of Mahindra’s signature ‘energetic red’ also gives the logo unit a fresh and vibrant feel,” he continued. “The Airvan family of aircraft were designed by bush pilots to keep maintenance costs at a minimum, negotiate short rugged airstrips, quickly change from carrying passengers to cargo, and adapt to an astounding variety of missions — all while leading its class in safety ratings.” Mehra continues, “These qualities are core to the Mahindra commitment of bringing innovation and reliability to the utility aircraft industry.”