Matt Morchower Named President of ClipperJet


ClipperJet Inc., North America’s all-new premier private jet experience, today announced Matt Morchower, former Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of industry pioneer Marquis Jet, has joined the executive team as ClipperJet’s President.

Most recently, Morchower was Chief Operating Officer of Magnises, a luxury-based “black credit card” targeting Millennials and providing exclusive perks and relevant experiences. Magnises became a unique brand in its ability to capture this hard-to-reach demographic. The company experienced exponential member and staff growth under Morchower’s direction, as its nationally-growing brand has been featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg News, Fox News and Business Insider.

“We are thrilled to welcome Matt Morchower as the new President of ClipperJet,” said James Occhipinti, CEO, ClipperJet Inc. “With his record of innovation in the aviation business, Morchower is filling a key spot in our executive team: he has disrupted the industry once with his former team and he is going to do it again with us. We couldn’t be more excited to have him join us in this groundbreaking year for ClipperJet. 2015 marks a year of change for the aviation industry with ClipperJet introducing an all-new business model to the marketplace. Having a strong leadership team as we initiate our plans is the key to our success.”

Previously, Morchower was the co-creator of the business plan and company strategy of Marquis Jet, which pioneered the 25-Hour Jet Card and revolutionized private aviation. The groundbreaking card created space underneath the purchase of “fractional jet shares” with their high up-front costs and additional per-hour costs. For a pre-paid flat fee, a Marquis customer received 25 hours on the NetJets fleet, bringing down the cost of entry considerably and increasing the pool of potential customers. Its powerful sales, marketing and partnership efforts allowed the company to generate $4 billion in card sales from inception through its eventual purchase by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

“Joining a company that is looking to transform the industry is an honor,” said Morchower, the new ClipperJet President. “This executive team is going to disrupt and democratize the private aviation field with the next big idea. I couldn’t be more excited to join ClipperJet’s team of trailblazers. I’m enthusiastic about this novel approach, I stand behind it with confidence, and I’m eager for the challenge of bringing it to the public.” ClipperJet has a unique service model and exclusive membership platform that is new to the aviation marketplace, different by design. Members can reserve up to four one-way flights per month and take advantage of unlimited standby travel after that. ClipperJet will also offer access to a variety of livery services, including limousine and town car services.