MAULE expands M-9 product line


Maule continues to expand its aircraft model line with the receipt of FAA approval for two additional new models. The new M-9-260 Fuel Injected and M-9-235 Carbureted have been long awaited since the M-9-235 Fuel Injected was FAA approved in 2012. The M-9-260 Fuel Injected is powered by a 260 hp Lycoming IO-540. The M-9-235 Carbureted is powered by a 235 hp Lycoming 0-540 and can be equipped with a Mogas STC. Both can seat up to 5 people, and have useful loads of 1100 lbs. average and gross weight of 2800 lbs., just like the popular M9-235 Fuel Injected. Each have Maule’s signature Four Door arrangement which includes the wide-opening cargo doors to access up to 42 cubic feet of cargo area behind the side-by-side pilot seats. Other key features of the M-9 are heavy-duty aluminum spring gear, all-metal wings, -7 degree flap setting for enhanced cruise performance, and Maule STOL performance. Brent Maule said, “The M-9 gives pilots Maule’s large cargo capacity and the useful load to fill it up.” The modular cabin design allow the pilot to configure it for a variety of missions including a Cross-Country Cruiser: Carry 4 adults plus 100 lbs. of luggage and over 4 hours of fuel, or a Multi-Mission Aircraft: Carry 2 adults plus 250 lbs. of equipment and over 7 hours of Fuel. Each model can be customized from an extensive list of available options. To purchase a new M-9, call Brent Maule direct at (229) 502-4930. Maule Air, Inc. is an American Family Owned aircraft manufacturer located in Moultrie, GA. To learn more about the Maule M-9 series and other Maule models, visit