Mayday! Airshows In Trouble.


The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show is focused on a solution.

Reno, Nevada (6 April 2020) – Mayday is an easily recognized term in aviation. The airshow industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 situation and The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show is expanding what we have been doing for years; promoting airshows, airshow performers and flying history museums.  

“Our airshow industry is in danger of collapsing”, says David Costa, the host of The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show and airshow jet demo pilot. “Many industries are suffering during this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, airshows are vital to promoting aviation and unique spirit of excellence, overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. We need airshows now, more than ever.”

The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show has called “mayday” and is expanding efforts to promote all airshow performers, airshow events and aviation history organizations.  

“We are contacting the aviation industry to join us in this mission.” Costa continues, “We all win when we all work together. The airshow fans will come back, but we will need to expand the audience. Our weekly radio show is already talking to the demographic and they are hungry for the stories from the airshow industry that we bring them.”

The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show will provide any airshow performer, any airshow event and any aviation historical foundation the opportunity to tell their story on the radio show. There is absolutely no charge for this. “The airshow family inspires people. The videos are great, but radio is proven effective in creating relationships with the audience and allows the heart and soul of the industry to reach millions of old and new fans”, as the host of the show, David Costa explains, “My role is to provide service to the industry that I have loved for as long as I can remember.”

The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show has a goal to increase the airshow fan base, improve promotion of airshows to a larger audience and give fans their airshow “fix” every week in an already proven successful format. Talk radio. 

The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show is syndicated on the Salem Radio Network, and plays each weekend on terrestrial radio stations. The show is also available on most podcast platforms as well.  

Airshows are vital to local airports! Airshows offer outstanding entertainment value for families. Getting kids involved in STEM education is key. Inspiring people through airshows, attract an ideal demographic for almost any consumer product or service.  

David Costa concludes, “The RenegadeAV8R has been promoting the airshow industry for several years now, so we are not new to this, but now is the time to step up our game. With the support of the industry, the fans and the sponsors, that is just what we are doing.”

About The RenegadeAV8R

The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show provides a positive and entertaining alternative in talk radio. We promote aviation to a wide audience, because we use interviews and stories from our guests that demonstrate excellence, overcoming obstacles and achieving big goals. No matter if people are an aviation enthusiast or not, they admire and appreciate the radio show.

The RenegadeAV8R is David Costa. He is an airline transport pilot with over 15,000 hours of flight time in over 100 different makes and models of aircraft. He combines a jet airshow demonstration in his TS-11 ISKRA Jet with The RenegadeAV8R Radio Show.  

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