Med-Pac, Inc. Announces Air Ambulance FAA STC for Dassault Falcon 50


Med-Pac, Inc. Announces Air Ambulance FAA STC for Dassault Falcon 50

May 20, 2014

Med-Pac, Inc. is proud to announce it has added the Dassault Falcon 50 as an approved aircraft model for their FAA STC which now allows for installation of the Med-Pac 400 Air Ambulance System into the Falcon 50.

Ralph Braaten, Med-Pac’s President, said “The Dassault Falcon 50, due to an excellent large cabin, is a great aircraft for air medical transport and we are excited to include the Med-Pac 400 as an option for the many current and future operators flying this aircraft.”

The Med-Pac 400 is an FAA approved lightweight quick-change medical interior. The system is adaptable to most aircraft seat rails by using a simple mounting bracket and it requires minimal modification to the aircraft for electrical power. The quick-change capability allows the unit to be installed or removed in less than 15 minutes.

Included in the Med-Pac 400 is a 3,300 liter medical oxygen system, a vacuum system, medical air system, and 500 watt inverter for 110 or 220 VAC power. The Transport Stretcher locks onto the Med-Pac 400 allowing for transportation of patients in a safe and secure manner. Also available is the incubator mount for incubator transport. The Med-Pac 400 weighs 95 pounds before the stretcher is added.

About Med-Pac, Inc. Med-Pac, Inc. is the industry leader for Air Ambulance Systems and holds an FAA STC for installation of the Med-Pac 400 into over 205 different airframes. Med-Pac strives to provide the aviation industry with the highest quality medical solutions while maintaining the shortest lead time and providing the highest levels of customer service. For more information, please visit or call their Lake Park, MN office at (218) 238-5100.

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