Million Air Achieves Coveted ARGUS Platinum Rating


ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is pleased to present American Jet International Corp. (AJI), dba Million Air, with the prestigious ARGUS Platinum Rating. The Platinum Rating is the highest level of the ARGUS Ratings and is awarded only to those air charter operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance.

“We have an incredible Aircraft Management Team at American Jet International,” said Roger Woolsey, President & CEO of American Jet International Corp. “Our team is made up of the finest, most experienced professionals in the industry who strive to go above and beyond what others settle for. Their efforts have placed us in an elite group of aircraft service company providers and AJI is one of less than 2% of the operators in the country that have achieved the ARGUS Platinum and ISBAO safety rating. It is important to our customers that they receive safety and services far superior to our competitors. They demand it from us, and we take their call to action seriously by entrusting ARGUS to cross check and verify our procedures. I’m not sure why everyone wouldn’t want to go through this sort of check-up. We enjoy setting the standard, raising the bar as a Platinum Rated Operator, and our credo is to be a place where genuine care and exceptional service is our highest mission.”

“I would like to congratulate and welcome Million Air to the elite and respected group of ARGUS Platinum Rated Operators,” said Joseph Moeggenberg, ARGUS International, Inc. President and CEO. “The experienced team from Million Air should take great pride in the outcome of their ARGUS Platinum audit. Our audit is a thorough and in-depth examination of an operator’s policies and procedures compared against a constantly evolving set of industry best practices. It was apparent to our auditing team that Million Air focused intensely on building and refining their whole operation. We are happy to include Million Air in the exclusive group of commercial operators around the world that have achieved the ARGUS Platinum Rating.”

ARGUS PROS (Partners and Resources for Operational Safety), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARGUS International, is the only audit organization that has developed its own industry-leading audit standard for charter operators and also holds authorizations from two world-recognized standards organizations. ARGUS PROS is authorized by both the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) to perform audits utilizing their respective standards, IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) and IS-BAO. ARGUS PROS is uniquely capable of providing audits worldwide for fixed-wing and helicopter operators and each audit is tailored to reflect the specific needs of a corporate, charter, fractional or airline operation.