“MP’s countdown to launch of STEM jobs in aviation”


The STEM jobs and skills Working Group will work to educate both Parliament and Government, carry out research and propose policy designed to further the aims of promoting high-tech STEM related aviation jobs throughout the UK.

At the launch, Carol Vorderman, the APPG-GA’s Ambassador told MPs and Lords about her experience of getting her maths degree and becoming an engineer. Carol went onto explain how it was important to promote STEM jobs in the aviation sector. Joining Carol was Air Commodore Paul Godfrey, Head of Carrier Enabled Power Projection. Air Cmdr Godfrey spoke about how STEM was rapidly changing the environment the Armed Forces are working in, and how STEM education is not only essential for the continued operational success of the British Armed forces, but also the long term economic benefits for the UK economy.

Carol Vorderman commenting on the Working Group, said:

“With the ever more advanced world which we are living in, there has never been a more important time to promote STEM Jobs and Skills. It is a necessity to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of not only general aviation but aviation on the whole. I wholly support the STEM working Group and the APPG in advancing aviation and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Grant Shapps, Chair of the APPG-GA also said:

“The APPG on General Aviation has been working to create a STEM Jobs and Skills working group, since the APPG first began last year. The aim of the Working Group will be to propose policy to further high-tech jobs is good for the economy but the protection and growth of UK aviation. I believe we have the perfect mix of experience and leadership to educate Parliamentarians and create policy that will grow STEM jobs and skills.”