NATA Announces Exclusive Insurance Program For Flight Departments


Today, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) announced a brand new Loss of Medical License Disability Insurance Program — a product previously only available to airline pilots through their employer. The NATA Loss of Medical License Disability Insurance Program is available through Harvey Watt & Co. and is intended for Part 135, Part 125, Part 91K and Part 91 operators. All participants are treated as one entity through the NATA plan, allowing for an easy underwriting experience and premium reductions created by the larger buying pool. The NATA Loss of Medical License Disability Insurance Program includes NATA’s FAA Medical Certification Services at no additional cost.

“NATA’s exclusive program delivers affordable loss of license insurance for pilots by leveraging our membership base of nearly 1,000 charter operators. The coverage plans are comparable to those currently offered by commercial airlines. By enrolling with Harvey Watt, air charter operators now have the means to attract and retain their pilots — a crucial advantage in the current challenging environment for pilot staffing,” stated Timothy Obitts, NATA Executive Vice President.

“As the world’s largest loss of license manager, Harvey Watt & Co. administers and designs select plans for small flight departments and the largest airlines, meeting the needs of every professional pilot. NATA’s program will help fill a void in air charter operators’ benefits packages,” added Rob Alston of Harvey Watt & Co.

Interested parties can contact Harvey Watt & Co. to compare options and differences in coverage by emailing, calling 800-241-6103, or visiting NATA’s website.