Night Flight Concepts Commits To Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund


The Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund is proud to announce that Night Flight Concepts has committed to providing a deserving Whirly-Girl a Night Vision Goggles (NVG) Flight Training Scholarship for the 2016 scholarship season.

Whirly-Girls is an organization of over 1800 female helicopter pilots in 45 countries and continues to grow as women are becoming increasingly active in helicopter aviation. Night Flight Concepts recognizes the importance of the contributions women have made in aviation and thus has partnered with the Whirly-Girls to assist women aviators in their career development. NVG training is required for personnel who need an initial or a recurrent NVG endorsement for a flight position. This scholarship will help the career-minded Whirly-Girl obtain this NVG endorsement.

Night Flight Concepts is a premier provider of NVG training, offering an exceptional program that provides up-to-date, relevant, comprehensive skills to operate in the night environment. “We are thrilled that Night Flight Concepts has agreed to support the Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund. The expertise and specialized training offered through this scholarship will be a valuable addition to our program,” said Banu Cole, Whirly-Girls Scholarship Director.

Since 1968, the Whirly-Girls has awarded over 300 scholarships. This year in 2016 the organization awarded 28 scholarships to well-deserving applicants, exceeding a total value of $175,000.

The Whirly-Girls Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, educational, and charitable organization dedicated to advancing women in the helicopter aviation industry. For more information about the Whirly-Girls scholarships, please visit: or contact Banu Cole at

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