OSHKOSH 21: Tag Air Plains on Instagram with your upgrade – win some bling


WELLINGTON, KS (June 22, 2021) – We want to see your Air Plains engine upgrade at Oshkosh. Tag us on Instagram (@flyairplains) with a selfie – you and your airplane at this year’s show and you can win some free stuff from our roving engineers.

“We’ll be looking for our customers while we wander the fields around Whitman talking about engine upgrades, avionics and all the services you get at Air Plains,” said Rafael Soldan, head engineer at Air Plains. “It’s a big place, so if you tag us on Instagram and let us know where you are, we’ll try to make it by and reward you with something out of our bag of freebies.”

Our team will be meeting with customers – current and potential – in the first part of the week during the annual AirVenture 2021 at Whitman Regional Airport (KOSH) in Wisconsin starting Monday, July 26. Appointments can be made by call Air Plains at 1-800-752-8481 or +1-620-326-890.

First, follow Air Plains on Instagram @flyairplains. Post a photo and either tag us in the photo or the caption with our handle @flyairplains. While you’re at it, tag a friend as well as #OSH2021.

“We usually have a booth at the trade shows we attend and customers come to us so we’re eager to turn that around this time and visit our customers,” Soldan said.