Paragon Flight Training Selects Nationally Recognized Aviation Strategist and Executive as Senior VP


FORT MYERS, Fla. (March 25, 2021) — Strategist, policy development and governance executive Lee Collins has joined Paragon Flight Training at Page Field in Fort Myers as senior vice president. He is responsible for setting and achieving business goals, leading strategic direction and overseeing operations for the flight academy that trains and educates aviators from around the world.

Collins brings a wealth of experience in driving organizational growth through policy development and governance, best practices and innovative solutions. He was a captain and pilot responsible for the operation and safety of flights worldwide for 20 years with UPS, the world’s largest package delivery company. He has extensive community involvement with nonprofit organizations as a board of directors member and other engagements.

Prior to joining Paragon Flight, Collins was president of the 30,000-member Coalition of Airline Pilots Association in Washington, D.C., addressing safety, security, legislative and regulatory issues. He took the helm of that trade group after several years as its executive vice president. In both positions he was charged with boosting the association’s relevancy and public image, energizing the organization’s impact on the aviation industry and restoring it as an industry leader.

Collins was also the government and legislative affairs chairperson for the Independent Pilots Association in the District of Colombia for 17 years before taking on the Coalition post. In that role, he defined, directed and authored governance and policy strategy that impacted more than 3,000 pilots. He was also a key member of a team of representatives assigned to the Department of Homeland Security’s 9/11 Task Force.

He holds a Master of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Kentucky.

“Lee is a great addition to our team of professionals and the industry as he brings extensive strategic thinking and significant accomplishments from various high-level positions,” said Chris Schoensee, Paragon’s president and chairman of the board.

Paragon Flight Training offers pilot training and education to people from around the world who want to fly for recreation or as a profession, including commercial, military and government pilots. It operates a modernized fleet, including digital electronics that require specialized tools, training and maintenance. The company recently announced it signed a 10-year contract with Lee County Port Authority that will triple its available ramp space for up to 55 aircraft at Page Field. The deal also includes the purchase and renovation of an aircraft hangar that will serve as its maintenance hub for the growing fleet.

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