Pilot Mall to Host iPad Takes Flight! – EFB Challenge Seminar


This seminar is designed to promote the use of iPads and tablet computers as Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs), portable electronic resources that can be used to enhance navigational capabilities and facilitate access to critical information throughout all phases of flight. The goals of Connected Flight(TM) are to improve aviation safety, reduce stress, simplify flight operations, and increase the number and duration of flights.

In addition to hosting the event, Pilot Mall is also sponsoring the $49 seminar cost. The company requests interested pilots register for the gathering at http://www.mygoflight.com/ipadEFB/ to reserve a space at no charge.

The forum will introduce MYGOFLIGHT’s concept of Connected Flight(TM), a combination of iPad/tablet gear, electronics, and methods designed to provide pilots of any aircraft with strategies that will significantly improve the safety and efficiency of their flight operations. Mastering Connected Flight(TM) has been specifically developed to help reduce accidents due to loss of control and flight into hazardous weather – two of the NTSB’s top areas of focus to improve aviation safety.

The seminar will cover use of iPads/tablets for preflight planning, weather interpretation, choosing aviation applications, cockpit readiness, re-routing/re-planning, and diversions & emergencies. It will also demonstrate what in-flight EFB mastery looks like.

Pilot Mall founder/president Neil Glazer commented, “There are many benefits to EFBs, including increased situational awareness and a cleaner, more streamlined cockpit. This seminar will equip pilots to use their iPads and other tablet devices more efficiently throughout their aviation operations.”

The event’s presenter, MyGoFlight CEO Charles Schneider, requests attendees bring their EFBs/tablets/iPads fully charged, with apps loaded, and with data updated so they can follow along as real-world scenarios are used to demonstrate in-flight EFB mastery. Participants will also be able to test and assess their aeronautical tablet skills.

Schneider is an instrument-rated pilot and a staunch advocate for the use of advanced technology in-flight. He has always flown with an EFB, beginning with bulky and expensive laptop computers. When the iPad came along, Schneider saw it as an opportunity to bring compact, low-cost, easy-to-use devices to all pilots; making flying safer, simpler and more enjoyable. His seminar series, iPad Takes Flight!, has been presented to thousands of pilots over the last four years. For more information, visit www.mygoflight.com.

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