Pilot Proficiency Center Returns To AirVenture


Flight instructors and aviation companies are joining forces during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 to bring back the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center and build on last year’s success in improving pilot skills and enhancing safety with participants at the “World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration.”

During EAA AirVenture 2015 (July 20-26) the center will feature “Tech Talks,” IFR and VFR flight scenarios in Redbird flight simulators, the opportunity to talk with certificated flight instructors and more. The EAA Pilot Proficiency Center will continue to partner with the IMC Club, which is dedicated to improving the skills of instrument-rated pilots. The Pilot Proficiency Center is open to all pilots and non-pilots who want to improve their flying skills and will feature IFR and basic airmanship challenges and forum programs.

“While we’re all here in Oshkosh enjoying everything flight has to offer, the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center is a superb opportunity to sharpen those year-round flying skills in a fun, non-intimidating way,” said Joe Brown, president of Hartzell Propeller and a member of EAA’s board of directors, who is among the leadership group for the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center. “Our goal is that pilots will see the value of using simulator-based scenarios to hone basic piloting skills and will add this kind of recurrent training to their annual regime, just like the pros do. I encourage all aviators to take some time in one of our 14 simulators and join us for a great lineup of Tech Talks.”

In 2014, thousands of pilots participated in the flight simulations, seminars, and other activities that expanded their flying skills and built their confidence to handle specific situations they face while flying. That group included pilots who sought to enhance their instrument flying abilities as well as those looking to improve stick-and-rudder basics. Along with EAA and the IMC Club, the EAA Pilot Proficiency Center is supported by Jeppesen, Hartzell, PilotEdge, Mindstar Aviation, FLYING Magazine and Redbird Flight Simulations. Members of the National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) and the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) will also assist at the facility, which will be located just east of the FAA control tower on the AirVenture grounds.

“The EAA Pilot Proficiency Center adds extra value for those participating at AirVenture in 2015,” said Jack Pelton, EAA’s chairman of the board. “We appreciate all the people and companies who have stepped forward to support this facility, because it enhances a major part of AirVenture – the opportunity to share knowledge and information that creates safer, more proficient aviators.”