Power Flow Ships 800th System For Cherokee 140


The number of Piper Cherokee 140s in the United States flying with a tuned exhaust system from Power Flow has reached 800. That is nearly 17 percent of the 4,883 PA-28s registered in the United States. The tuned exhaust, which usually replaces the original factory system, enhances the 140’s performance in a number of ways.

With a tuned exhaust, the Cherokee’s engine operates more efficiently, burning less fuel at the same cruise settings. Savings of 1.2 – 2.2 gph have been documented in test flights. Pilots will see an increase of 30 – 130 rpm, a shorter takeoff roll and an increase in climb between 30 and 50 percent. One pilot, based at a field in Arizona at 4500 feet MSL, wrote: “Prior to installing the system, I’d feel lucky with a 50 – 100 FPM climb out. Now I’m getting 600 – 1000 fpm, depending on load.” Power Flow reports that the service ceiling for the Piper 140 increases by 2000 – 5000 feet and engines generally run cooler and smoother with their after-market system.

Tuned exhausts allow the engine to run more efficiently by evacuating more of the exhaust gases from each cylinder, thereby delivering virtually the full rated horsepower of the engine. Power Flow tuned exhaust kits for the Cherokee 140 are priced at $4,075. They include everything needed for installation and take 5 to 7 hours to bolt on. They come with a two-year/500-hour warranty. For more information visit PFExhaust.com.