RACCA Seeks Donations For Scholarship Fund


Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association (RACCA) is proud of its efforts to help aspiring pilots and mechanics but we need your help. Each Spring Conference, RACCA holds a silent Auction to raise funds for scholarships for men and women bitten by the aviation bug who are studying to become part of this industry. This is how you can help. Please look around your business and see if there is not something you would like to contribute to this year’s auction to help RACCA fund these scholarships.

So far this year, we have the following contributions: Fuel nozzle recertification & fuel divider overhaul — Heritage Turbines Aircraft model and gift basket — Ameriflight Aircraft model — CapeAir 747-400F model in DHL/Polar Livery — DHL Express Cessna Caravan model — FedEx Express One month newsletter sponsorship

Won’t you contribute to the Scholarship Silent Auction?

Please contact: stan@raccaonline.org or richardm@racconline.org