Remote GeoSystems Implements geoDVR Gen2 On MD Helicopter


FORT COLLINS, Colorado / CHESAPEAKE, Virginia – Remote GeoSystems, Inc. and Chesapeake Bay Helicopters, Inc. (CBH) are pleased to announce the successful implementation of the geoDVR Gen2 with a FLIR Corona 350 Gimbal Video Camera System on a MD Helicopter for Airborne Utility Line Inspections.

“The geoDVR offers tremendous advantages over our previous video recording system,” says Chesapeake Bay Helicopters CEO & Co-Owner Manager Oleg Bulanov. “The geoDVR is a fraction of the size and weight, it records all three video channels to a single SDD, and offers user-friendly multi-stream video monitoring. The in-mission GPS logging and post-flight reporting software means CBH can provide our clients with vital inspection information in hours, not weeks.”

The geoDVR Gen2 is an advanced “plug & play” DVR for recording multiple channels of geo-referenced High-Definition Full Motion Video (gFMV(TM)) in airborne and mobile mapping environments. It is ideally suited for professional utility/pipeline inspection, ISR and law enforcement applications that utilize multi-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal video cameras.

Chesapeake Bay Helicopters will use the geoDVR with their FLIR Corona 350 to perform helicopter-based electric utility inspections with High-Definition color (EO), Infrared (IR) and Corona (UV) video as well as high-resolution oblique still photos.

Videos, photos, points of interest and audio notes collected with the geoDVR are compatible with Remote GeoSystems LineVision(TM) suite of GIS project mapping and reporting software. LineVision allows for simple desktop and browser-based playback, analysis and project reporting utilizing the Esri ArcGIS Platform, Google Earth, Bing Maps & PLS-CADD.

Remote Geo Specializes in Airborne & Mobile “Geospatial” Video Recording Systems and Integrated GIS Software for Electric Utilities, Oil & Gas Pipeline, Environmental, Transportation, Security and other Critical Infrastructure Inspection Applications.

Unlike traditional video recording systems, our rugged digital video recorders log GPS and permanently embed the video with this important location and time data. Post-mission, our video mapping and inspection reporting software provides users with simple but powerful tools for geographic video analysis, editing and project packaging while leveraging existing corporate Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

We offer both complete hardware & software packages and individual components based on your specific data collection project needs including commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom designed systems.

Chesapeake Bay Helicopters, Inc. (CBH) Incorporated in 1998 and is a leader in providing technology-based, diversified commercial services and asset reliability support for utility & gas companies across the US.

CBH Currently Offers the Following Airborne Services: – Helicopter Based Power Line Maintenance and Construction Work – Gyro-stabilized Infra-red and Corona Inspection & Reporting Services – LiDAR, Nadir and Oblique Image Collection (for Nationwide Utility Projects) – In-house, Technical Data Processing (LiDAR and Ortho-imagery) – Geospatial Full Motion Video Capture & Integrated GIS Software Solutions – Natural Gas Leak Detection Services – Equipment Rentals