RJE Wins FAA Approval For Underwater Locator Beacon


RJE International, Inc. is proud to announce FAA certification and approval for its new ELP-362D90 Underwater Locator Beacon which features 90 days of continuous operation. It is certified under TSO C121b which became effective March 1, 2015 and requires all new underwater locator beacons to have a 90 day battery life versus the traditional 30 days on existing beacons.

The ELP-362D90 is a direct replacement for the existing beacons in the field, including the ELP-362D, DK100 and DK120 underwater beacons. The 7 year battery life is the longest in the industry. This results in 35% cost savings due to the one additional inspection cycle over existing beacons on the market.

The ELP-362D family of ULB’s was the first to feature replaceable batteries and 90 day beacons, long before the new TSO became effective. RJE previously acquired the ELP-362D ULB product line from Teledyne Benthos.

RJE International’s 25 year track record of product innovation and quality has made it the worldwide leader in underwater relocating and tracking systems. It’s pinger locating systems were used to find Air Asia’s black boxes and it’s ELP-362D ULB was mounted on the flight data recorder. RJE is a California based manufacturer of mission critical products for Special Forces and the aviation and underwater markets.