SAFE CFI Insurance Now Quoted, Bound Instantly


For the first time, Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) aircraft liability insurance for CFIs is available almost instantly, without the long, drawn-out paper applications required for most other CFI policies. “SAFE members can now buy SAFE CFI insurance online, pay with a credit card and get confirmation of their new policy almost instantly, usually not more than five minutes,” said Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President of Starr Aviation in Arizona, which underwrites the special CFI insurance. “Previously, flight instructors could have to wait weeks for protection when instructing in a non-owned aircraft, such as one owned by a new student eager to learn to start flying.” The no-delay liability insurance from Starr Aviation is available through Aviation Insurance Resources (AIR) of Maryland, at The unique SAFE insurance provides liability coverage up to $1 million dollars for flight instructors, with sub-limits of $200,000 per passenger and up to $200,000 for damage to the aircraft. Coverage for “negligent instruction” is extended to CFIs for aircraft damage during any dual flight instruction, flight review or checkride the CFI performs. SAFE membership is required to buy the coverage. The SAFE CFI coverage has many features not offered by competing CFI insurance policies, including multi-engine and seaplane coverage at no additional premium. Other features include a discount for proficiency training and a claim-free history, runway foaming, search and rescue and leased hangar damage.

The special SAFE CFI insurance was first offered in 2010, and unlike some other CFI policies covers an instructor in not only standard category aircraft but also in experimental or restricted category aircraft, in Light Sport aircraft and both single and multiengine seaplanes. SAFE’s instant CFI protection through AIR is now available in 49 states, with approval pending for Alaska. SAFE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting aviation education at all levels of learning. SAFE is a recognized leader in pilot training reform, safety education, and the mentoring of aviation educators. For information on free resource materials and membership, go to