Sajet Solutions Takes Over Management of Beyond and Above Training Programs


Florida-based business aviation training company sajet solutions, inc. has taken over the complete operational management of corporate flight attendant training company Beyond and Above’s, (B&A), schedule of educational programs. The structural business change took place on October 10, 2014 and sees the introduction of updated and revitalized content offered under the newly named sajet beyond and above training programs.

Courses for up to twelve students, which will run on a monthly basis, will teach initial and recurrent training programs for business aviation cabin attendants, pilots, and flight mechanics. All cabin safety programs are designed to FAR S91 and S135 requirements and heavily advocate crew communication and CRM (Crew Resource Management). Customized FAR S125 programs are also available. To support ongoing professional development sajet will also provide its student crew members with career advice and a ‘career enhancement’ workshop, as well as promoting graduates on a designated recruitment website and through social media.

“The previous B&A training program was specifically designed for those new to the market who were seeking careers as corporate cabin attendants globally. We believe our revised content will give both new and experienced crew members even greater opportunities in the market place as it raises the standards of the training programs offered. This is effectively a re-launch for sajet solutions and a revitalization of previous courses offered by B&A, so its an exciting development for all concerned,” says Scott Arnold, President, sajet solutions inc.

All of the sajet programs are designed to take place in facilities at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). In response to customer demand sajet will also be offering customized training programs on-site to clients through its bespoke @site option. Acknowledging that passengers often have a part to play in safety procedures sajet will add its SMART traveler programs to the curriculum. These specific courses are designed to train passengers in safety and emergency procedures.

The Florida facility will officially become the new sajet solutions company headquarters from January 2015 and is currently undergoing a major refurbishment. It will feature two training classrooms (the main classroom and a culinary training room), offices and a student lounge. A significant investment will see the facilities refurbished to include a newly constructed interior cabin mock-up to simulate realistic inflight service, emergency procedures training, over-wing exiting and live fire fighting. Water survival training with life rafts, life vests and survival equipment will be conducted at a swimming pool located near the training facility.

Ensuring the delivery of comprehensive and innovative programs sajet solutions engages instructors that are working crew members and business aviation professionals. This ensures they are up to date with trends, themes, legislation, regulation and the latest issues in the sector. “This first hand experience is invaluable for our students and our teachers are encouraged to share as much as professionally possible with the classes,” says Arnold.

A key sajet solution partner is Paula Kraft, CEO and Founder of Tastefully Yours and Aviation Catering Consultants. She will be delivering a range of food handling, food safety and culinary skills as part of the program and said, “I am excited to partner with sajet’s new venture. Scott has always been at the cutting edge of information and technology, creating custom solutions for each client’s specific needs. Working in partnership with the new school, we can do more to elevate the skills and knowledge of those within the industry than we can individually.”

About sajet solutions, inc. a new standard for business aviation.

the sajet (pronounced say-jet) team consists of industry leaders and experts in training, consulting and program development. Providing business aviation flight departments, pilots and cabin crew solutions to achieve premiere inflight service, passenger and cabin safety.

sajet solutions is the only soft skills and safety training company comprised of a collective group of highly regarded working corporate crew members and the top two world-class aviation dining companies; On Air Dining (London, UK) and Tastefully Yours (Atlanta, GA). this strategic alignment allows our students to receive unrivaled knowledge, materials, tools and a unique set of soft skills to ensure a continued, or new, successful career in business aviation.

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