Samuel W. Miller and ATPI Inc. enters aviation market


Aviation Training partners International, Inc.For immediate releaseAugust 12,2018Jacksonville, FloridaWhen aviation entrepreneur and international business consultant Samuel W.Miller surfaces that means that changes are in the wind in for aviation aswe know it. Sources tell AVWeb Miller has been seen it is imperative developing the next generation of flight training aircraft to provide flight training institutions andbusinesses the next generation a line of cost effective, efficient aircraftto fill the shortage of aircraft to train then next crop of pilots.Under the name plate ATPI, Inc. (Aviation Training Partners International, Inc.)they will resurrect older Type Certificates airframes, updating them to get them back to production. With the fleet age over 30 years ATPI, Inc has identified the need to fill the shortfall in training aircraft worldwide. The need for over 500,000 new pilots and as many maintenance workers by 2037as cited in the latest Boeing aviation forecast highlighted the shortfall inaviation training as well as the aircraft to train in.ATPI, Inc. will also be brining to the market new aircraft that are focused onthe flight training market, but with a higher level of finish andaccessories will be attractive to the consumer market. ATPI, Inc. refersthis as the “Burger King ” model of being able to have it your way. Fromstart to finish, ATPI will fill that gap with innovative technologies.There is simply not enough training capacity in the industry currently offill the need, Miller said, and someone needs to take the lead in puttinghighly trained pilots in the air to fill that need, plus raise the existingpilot base.ATPI, Inc. is stepping up to take the leadership position in helping to fillthe shortfall of losing over 200 airline pilots daily. Tie that to theCongressional legislation adding tens of thousands of dollars to the cost offlight training, changing the minimum hours to 1500 hours to be in thecockpit crippled and exacerbated the looming problem for the foreseeablefuture.Miller further commented that there is not a single magic bullet that willfix the problem. The aviation shortfall is multi-faceted: lack ofpilots, aging fleet of flight training aircraft, and outdated trainingtechniques. Tie that to the lack of accredited facilities to produce thosepilots and mechanics, the aviation industry has a huge mountain to climbjust to meet the need, the aviation training industry cannot hope for aneasy fix, but we collectively need to address the problem, and ATPI, Inc isstepping up to insure we meet the challenge for decades to come and providethe resources to get there. ###POC: Chuck Vaughn, atpChuck@AviationTPI.com904 714 5724