SayWeather™ Automated Weather Advisory System Offered at Deep Discounts to Early Adopters


Clearwater, Florida, USA- July 11, 2019

Connectsix LLC announced today an early-adopter discount program for its SayWeather™ automated airport weather reporting system.  Through December 31, 2019, Connectsix is offering deep discounts of up to 50% off to early adopters throughout the United States.

SayWeather is an automated airport weather reporting system that retrieves weather from an on-airport solar-powered commercial weather station and provides that information via an AWOS-like advisory over the airport’s UNICOM frequency. When compared to a federally-sponsored AWOS, typically costing well over $100,000 to procure and install, SayWeather is a much more affordable alternative for small municipal and private airports – complete systems start at just $4,995. With the company’s new “50-for-50” discount, a system can be purchased for less than $2,500.

SayWeather provides airport operators and pilots with live advisory weather.  After the pilot keys their microphone four times, SayWeather responds with a succinct audio advisory of wind speed, direction, gusts, temperature, dewpoint, altimeter setting and density altitude. Such advisory weather systems are known as Automated UNICOMs and are permitted for use at airports not having an operational AWOS or ASOS.  SayWeather’s advisory weather information can also be made available via the Internet.   Further, SayWeather can optionally provide pilot-activated airport lighting control and can be configured to speak an audible confirmation that airport lighting activation has been triggered.

“SayWeather gives relevant and up-to-the second weather information at the airport, so pilots don’t need to rely on a distant AWOS, which might be reporting weather that doesn’t reflect actual destination-airport conditions. Pilots can typically activate SayWeather 20 to 30 miles from the airport which helps them approach safely and efficiently for landing. And because pilots obtain the information over the airport’s UNICOM, they maintain situationally aware of traffic and weather, without the distractions of switching frequencies or overflying the field to locate and read a windsock,” said Larry Langebrake, Co-founder of Connectsix.

Connectsix, the makers of SayWeather, is offering their “50-for-50” discount to new U.S. purchasers starting July, 2019. The discounts will be offered on the first five systems to be purchased in each state. The discount is largest for the first in-state system purchased, 50%.  For the next four SayWeather systems purchased in each state the discount is reduced by 10%, that is, the discount per system is 40%, then 30%, then 20%, and finally 10% for the fifth system purchased. The “50-for-50” program will continue through the end of 2019.

“We are offering a substantial discount on SayWeather systems to avail more airports of the system’s incredible benefits,” said Scott Samson, Co-founder of Connectsix. “We’ve found that once a system is installed at an airport, pilots and airport management quickly realize how situational awareness for approaching aircraft is enhanced. So, we hope that by providing a big purchase incentive to the first five airports in each state, awareness of SayWeather’s benefits will broaden.”

Additional information about SayWeather and the “Fifty-for-Fifty” discount program can be found at, by calling Connectsix at (727) 260-7350, or by email at Additionally, SayWeather, will be demonstrated at 2019 EAA AirVenture ( in Oshkosh, Wisconsin July 22-28, 2019, in Hangar B, booth 2111.  

30 word summary:

SayWeather automated UNICOM weather reporting systems are being offered at up to 50% off to early adopters throughout the United States from now through the end of 2019.