Scheme Designers Launches New Website


May 28, 2014 – Cresskill, New Jersey. Scheme Designers today launched an all new and completely redesigned website at The new Scheme Designers site provides an unparalleled level of rich content, intuitive navigation and an extensive paint scheme and vinyl design gallery for aircraft owners, aircraft manufacturers, airline managers, flight department leaders and the business aviation industry. The new interface leads modern design trends in layout, functionality and color palate, while expanding the depth of quality information available to visitors.

Over the course of Scheme Designers’ long history, the design team has provided over 10,500 unique designs across every make and model of aircraft imaginable. Samples of past projects showing the vast breadth of Scheme Designers’ work have been compiled in what must be one of the industry’s most extensive paint scheme galleries, with over 1,250 of these schemes showcased and indexed by type and manufacturer. Over 50 airliners are featured, as are special project paint schemes such as the AOPA sweepstakes aircraft, a broad variety of vinyl schemes, and the Cirrus Applied Art(TM) Limited Edition vinyl designs. All schemes found in the Sample Projects gallery are actual completed projects, with renderings of the final design and photos of the outcome.

“It was important to us to provide a useful resource to customers, potential clients, aircraft owners and other visitors. Not just to post pictures of beautiful schemes and aircraft, but to help people understand the process behind developing their custom scheme, pick the paint shop that’s right for them, help them build reasonable cost expectations and to understand the entire process of repainting their aircraft,” said Craig Barnett, CEO and Founder of Scheme Designers. To meet this goal, the web design team provided extensive information on the company’s design services and design and application cost elements. The new site also provides more tools than ever to help clients understand their preferences and work with their designer on their new custom scheme, and to find or select a recommended paint shop in their region to ensure perfect application of their new design. There are resources that explain registration regulations and styles, case studies that explore actual projects and articles about aircraft paint quality and application.

Complete company history and contact information is available on the new website, as are tools to help interested parties find the Scheme Designers team at airshows and tradeshows. Scheme Designers has also added a store to its web site to allow online purchase of some of its products, such as Cirrus Applied Art vinyl designs and hand carved desktop models. Scheme Designers plans on adding more products related to its core business over the next several months. To take the new website for a “spin around the pattern”, please visit ABOUT SCHEME DESIGNERS Since 1997, Scheme Designers has pioneered the business of exterior design for aircraft of all types, sizes, and models – airline fleets, business jets, piston aircraft, as well as helicopters. Around the globe, there are over 10,500 unique aircraft wearing a Scheme Designers paint scheme. Over half of the OEMs delivering new aircraft have worked with Scheme Designers to develop the exterior styling for their factory new models, setting the standard for the industry as a whole. The Scheme Designers team of artists and designers work with each customer from inception through application of their scheme at the paint shop of their choice, and their job isn’t done until the paint scheme has been executed perfectly and their customer is completely satisfied.

You’ve seen those aircraft with the remarkable paint jobs…aircraft that look fast and lean just sitting on the ramp; aircraft that have panache and communicate the personality of the owner; aircraft that make you smile. There’s a good chance that the paint scheme was designed by one company and their very specialized team of artists…Scheme Designers…Art Above it All.