Simhawk Launches Annual Simulator Training Survey to Evaluate Satisfaction with Simulator Operators and Training Providers


Williston, VT – October 24, 2017 – Simhawk Inc., announced the launch of its first Annual Simulator Training Survey.The survey is open to all flight operations and individuals that utilize flight simulators for training. It will provide the first ever overall view of customer satisfaction in the industry, analyzing customer satisfaction as well as availability, pricing, and a number of other dimensions. “There are more training options available than ever before and our survey is aimed at helping buyers compare their experiences of doing business with different simulator operators and training providers,” said Chris Weinberg, CEO of Simhawk. “The survey will also help sellers gain insight into how their customers feel about doing business with them and how their products and services compare to others.”The survey consists of 13 questions, which can be answered in less than 2 minutes, and an optional section where participants can provide detailed information on up to three different aircraft types. All participants will receive a summary of the survey results, and those that provide detailed information on at least one aircraft type, that they operate, will receive a full version of the survey results.The survey can be accessed at until November 30, 2017 and results of the survey will be made available to participants in early 2018.About Simhawk:Simhawk the world’s first and only global flight simulator marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of flight simulator time and training. Customers that need to buy simulator time or training services can find the best available options, without having to contact multiple providers. Simhawk also provides simulator operators and training service providers with a cost effective way of selling excess capacity and availability to a global network of customers.