Spiders Fly Into Greece


Real-time aircraft tracking company spidertracks have deployed into Greece securing a deal with the largest general aviation fleet operator, Superior Air.

Securing an operator in Greece is a first for spidertracks and brings the total number of countries with Spiders to 99.

General Manager of Superior Air, Konstantinos Sofianos says his company selected spidertracks because of the increase in safety and capability it brings to their operation.

“After a careful search, spidertracks stood out as the best in quality, support, features offered, compact size of the unit, the ability to monitor all of our fleet in one screen, and the way it simply works.”

“We have used basic GPRS tracking systems in the past but have had huge delays in data transmission as well as big blind spots due to altitude and coverage issues.”

“The ability to reliably track our fleet increases safety, flexibility and when it comes to combining flights or diverting aircraft quicker it leads to less wastage and in turn, higher profit.”

Spidertracks’ CEO James McCarthy says the addition of Superior Air is a great step into the Greek aviation market.

“Having Superior Air join the spidertracks family is great, as the Robinson dealership and service center they are able to take advantage of the Robinson factory option in their aircraft and extend our trusted coverage to their customers.”

Mr Sofianos says that spidertracks’ ‘free demo’ process gave them the ability to test a unit in their operation at zero cost and ultimately made the decision easier.

“The fact we could actually test the product and experience the features and functionality was great. From the first communication we had with spidertracks, the friendliness, ease of support and fast response time with their staff is what made us choose this company as our flight tracking solution.”