Representatives of Superior Air Parts, Inc., joined with dignitaries from the Industries Federation System of Santa Catarina State (FIESC), the National Service of Industrial Learning (SENAI), and the Santa Catarina State Government to celebrate the grand opening of the state-of-the-art SENAI Santa Catarina (SENAIsc) aviation training institution located in Brazil’s Santa Catarina State.

“When Sr. Cesar Olsen, noted Brazilian entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast, first describe his vision for this new school, he not only did so with such passion, but also with an enthusiasm that was instantly contagious,” Group CEO, Superior Aviation Group, Timothy T. (Tim) Archer said. “By the end of our meeting he had me wanting to see the school for myself, which I did this past September.”

“That visit is why I am here today. It has been my pleasure to travel the world and I can say with all sincerity that this is one of the outstanding aviation educational institutions that I have had the pleasure of touring,” Archer said. “Everyone involved with the program should take tremendous pride in what you have accomplished.”

“I feel that if Brazil’s most famous aviation pioneer, Alberto Santos Dumont were with us today to see this incredible learning center that has been created to further Brazil’s aviation growth, he would not only be very proud of Santa Catarina’s commitment to aviation, but also that his dream that Brazil would take its place among the world’s aviation leaders, has been realized,” Archer stated.

“Santa Catarina is most interested in developing an aeronautical pole. In this sense, it is important to invest in qualifying aircraft maintenance workers especially because it is a technical activity that requires both constant technical updating and state-of-the-art equipment,” stated Glauco Jose Corte, President of the Federation of industries of Santa Catarina (FIESC). “We are happy that Superior Air Parts has chosen to contribute and support the qualification of these professionals, who will be able work in a segment that is expanding in Brazil.”

Sr. Corte said that the SENAIsc curriculum was developed to enable students to learn how to use the right combination of tools and knowledge to solve real problems found in the industry. “The institute’s curriculum has prepared in conjunction with companies, institutions, professional associations and the FAA to meet the national professional profile of the best technical courses in aircraft maintenance,” he said.

Ms. Ana Fontes, Superior’s representative in Brazil said, “The future of aviation in Brazil depends on the next generation and the SENAIsc facility will play a leading role in ensuring that future. This amazing facility will enable the young people that dream of a career in aviation to achieve their goals,” she said.

During the ceremony, Mr. Archer also announced that Superior Air Parts has donated a new XP-360 Engine assembly kit to the SENAIsc aviation institute.

“Superior Air Parts has been very blessed with the success we have achieved and we believe it is our responsibility to give back,” Archer said. “One such way is to support and encourage today’s young people to pursue their dreams in general aviation.”

“That is why we are privileged to be able to donate a Superior XP-360 Engine kit to the Santa Catarina National Service for Industrial Learning Center and to support the institution’s ongoing efforts to innovate and produce excellence in all fields of aviation,” he said. “To further our ongoing involvement, Superior will be scheduling visits for our engineering and technical experts to visit the school to share their knowledge with its students and instructors.”

About the Santa Catarina National Service for Industrial Learning Center (SENAIsc) With a modern structure and course materials aligned with the FAA, SENAIsc institute is a state point of reference in the field of aviation and offers aviation technical courses and pilot training programs focused on meeting the qualification needs for the aviation companies located in the region of Santa Catarina. The SENAIsc institute occupies an area of more than 5,100 thousand square meters (55,000 square feet). It currently offers three courses: aircraft maintenance, avionics, and powerplants. Other courses in the area can be carried out on the unit as a private pilot, commercial pilot/helicopter/airplane, helicopter commercial pilot, airline pilot-Helicopter, airline pilot-airplane, Multi-engine IFR Simulator airplane, multi-engine IFR simulator helicopter, international air traffic, technical English for mechanics, technical English for pilots, Commissioner, Operational Flight Dispatcher.

About Superior Air Parts, Inc. Superior Air Parts, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Superior Aviation Beijing, is a leading manufacturer of FAA approved aftermarket replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. In addition, the company manufactures the FAA certified Vantage Engine and the XP-Series Engine family for experimental and sport aircraft builders. For more information, visit:

Photo Caption: Timothy T. (Tim) Archer, Group CEO, Superior Aviation Group, addresses attendees during the opening of the new SENAI Santa Catarina (SENAIsc) aviation training institution.