Talon Air Commences FBO Operations At KFRG


Talon Air, Inc.–a premier provider of luxury private air transportation headquartered at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York–announced today the completion of its new Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) complex at Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale, New York on Long Island. This will extend Talon Air’s existing services and establish additional customer amenities, including conference rooms, lounges, a flight planning center, helicopter transfer service, and the only FAA approved Part 145 Maintenance Service Center located at Republic Airport. In addition, the FBO will bring long overdue increased competition to Republic Airport, which will create savings for air travelers and generate job growth for Long Island.

“Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the highest level of convenience and service,” said Adam Katz, founder of Talon Air. “Becoming an FBO is a goal we have worked toward for many years, because it will lower costs, create greater access to our charter, maintenance and management services as well as increase the number of air travelers coming to and from Republic Airport.”

As an FBO, Talon Air will now be considered an all-encompassing service center for corporate and general aviation at Republic Airport. The new complex will feature a 90,000 gallon fuel farm containing two 30,000 gallon jet-A fuel storage tanks and a 30,000 AvGas storage tank. The refueling capabilities are anticipated to help lower costs for flights out of Republic Airport as Talon Air will now be able to implement its own fueling systems at the airport rather than relying on outside sources. By avoiding these added charges, Talon Air expects both Corporate and Charter flights to increase the flow of passengers to Republic Airport. In addition, the new FBO is expected to add 21 new employees to Talon Air’s work force and eventually as many as 42 new workers.

Talon Air is now the third FBO with operations at Republic Airport, but the only one that provides all of the corporate and general aviation services. Talon Air worked closely and directly with the DOT, and Suffolk County officials to conduct several independent studies to ensure that all of Talon Air’s operations are safe, efficient, and will not have an adverse impact on commuter traffic.

“We have been working closely with the FAA and the DOT for more than two years to ensure that our state-of-the-art operations and expert staff are among the best in the country,” continued Mr. Katz. “We believe that being an FBO will be a win for everyone involved, especially customers.”

The company’s flagship facility, which also serves as Talon Air’s headquarters, currently features two 29,975 square-foot hangars, 35,436 square feet of guest and office space, maintenance facilities and over three acres of ramp space. The completed additions to the complex will provide Talon Air with the enhanced capability to manage aircraft more competitively on behalf of aircraftowners, including sales, repairs, storage, and fueling operations. The new improvements and the expansion of Talon Air’s facility was designed by renowned aviation industry experts.

Talon Air hasthe largest hangar area offered by any of Republic Airport’s FBO’s. Talon Air is home base for a 23 private aircrafts ranging in size. The company employs 25 technicians to provide 24/7 maintenance for based and transient aircrafts who are overseen by director of maintenance Andy Hall.

With its state-of-the-art fleet and facilities, Talon Air is the leader in private air travel from the Tri-State area to all locations across the globe. Widely recognized for its unsurpassed commitment to luxury, comfort, and safety, Talon Air proudly offers the most extensive customer service program in the industry and a large fleet of 20+diverse aircraft available for on-demand charter, unparalleled among private air travel providers. Talon Air operates to the highest standards in the aviation industry and is certified by independent auditing companies that go well beyond the FAA Regulations, such as Aviation Research Group US (ARGUS)(TM). Wyvern(TM) and the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations – International Business Aviation Council (Ibac)(TM). Talon Air is also active members of the National Aviation Trades Association and the National Business Aircraft Association.