Transcend Air envisions an all-electric future for aviation, and is plotting a course to get there in sustainable steps starting with today’s technology.

September 20, 2019, Boston, Ma.

Transcend Air will be a featured speaker at the ICAO Innovation Fair and Fifth Annual ICAO World Aviation Forum in Montreal, Canada September 22-23. Peter H. Schmidt, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, will speak at the Green Innovation Session.

Transcend Air is developing the Vy 400, a Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft (VTOL) that will bring flexible transportation to meet the growing air travel needs in major city centers. More than just an aircraft, Transcend Air’s vision includes deploying zero-emission, water-based vertipads that require no pouring of concrete or taking of land. Transcend Air’s Vy 400 Aircraft will operate from these vertipads, reducing both travel costs and travel congestion for the general public.

Transcend Air’s vision can be realized utilizing today’s air traffic control and under today’s regulations, yet it is designed to evolve into the electric future the industry foresees.

There are four core aspects of the Transcend Air approach that promote sustainability:

  • Architecture: Reduces or eliminates the need to expand airports in the face of rising air travel needs.
  • Strategic Geographic Locations: Puts the travel resource near where the need is concentrated, eliminating wasteful congestion.
  • Efficient: A distributed vertipad network minimizes environmental costs by avoiding the costs and impacts of large-scale of construction.
  • Future Ready Aircraft Design: The Vy class of aircraft is designed to be converted to all-electric when the technology is in place.


Transcend Air was founded in 2017 to unlock the heart of the city with a VTOL airline that will free business travelers from congestion on the ground and in the air. Having taken the unique path of designing an aircraft starting from a ticket price, Transcend has developed the Vy 400 as the best solution for city-center to city-center mobility (C2CM), with door-to-door prices lower than current air travel options, and door-to-door times that are 67% to 80% less. With the Vy 400, Transcend Air is finally realizing the VTOL promise.