WINGsReality EDU Releases Drone Flying Course


WINGsReality EDU has released an interactive, web-based training course for recreational and model drone flyers. This fun and eye-opening program is useful to recreational UAS/drone flyers of all ages and experience levels.

“We are fortunate to offer extensive experience in flying UAS, manned aircraft of all types, aviation consulting, and regulatory framework.” WINGsReality EDU is well known for producing high quality training programs for the aviation community. Using that vast experience, they teach this from a very unique and unbiased perspective that appeals to flyers of all types.

Twelve modules teach about basic drone safety, fundamentals of operating safely in the aviation environment, model safety codes/federal aviation regulations/and how the hobbyist can cross the line, drone performance, weather and how it affects drone flights, weight and balance considerations, emergency procedures, solving the airspace mystery, airport operations and communications, and more.

This self-paced, two-hour program will help everyone to be a better flyer, keep their equipment in one piece, and stay out of hot water! Includes a comprehensive resource library and other valuable learning tools. Cost is $29.95.