Wyp Aviation Launches the WingBoard


HUNTSVILLE, Ala.–Wyp Aviation announced today that it is seeking funding for Phase II development of its WingBoard, “the next revolution in aerial sports.” Likened to “a wakeboard in three dimensions,” the WingBoard combines the thrill of wakeboarding, skydiving, and wingsuit flying and takes it to a new level, permitting riders to carve through the sky while being towed behind an airplane. The WingBoard offers a truly revolutionary way of experiencing flight. Be part of the next revolution in aerial sports: visit The WingBoard Kickstarter page, available at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2138403030/wingboard-carve-the-sky.

The WingBoard works through a close coupling of the rider, tow rope, and WingBoard itself. The WingBoard’s shape affords a stable center of gravity while the rider, attached to the WingBoard via a binding, stands upright and leans and twists in all directions to maneuver the board. The unique tow rope design provides stability and also reduces the forces on the rider, ensuring that almost anyone can participate. Integrated safety features such as automatic binding releases and parachutes on both the board and rider provide a level of safety on par with current adventure sports. A detailed description of the WingBoard design process and proof of concept is located here: http://www.wypaviation.com/wingboard.html

The Phase I prototype is a 1/6th scale model: a remote-controlled airplane tows the WingBoard, while a 3D-printed human analog “rider” provides the necessary inputs to maneuver the WingBoard. This prototype has proven the aerodynamic stability and control of the design. The Phase II prototype, a 40% scale model and final stepping stone toward the development of the full-scale prototype, will prove the WingBoard’s unique safety devices and emergency procedures and will also measure the aerodynamic forces on the WingBoard and the rider. Wyp Aviation seeks funding for Phase II development, which is expected to take 6 1/2 months.

With over 10 years of prototype experience, Wyp Aviation provides a wide range of design, prototype, and flight testing services from basic performance metrics to full stability and control parameter identification for both manned and unmanned vehicles. The company also provides system integration, design optimization, and test planning and execution support.

Interested parties may contact Wyp Aviation founder, Aaron Wypyszynski, at aaron@wypaviation.com or 256.829.8047 with any questions or comments.