787-10 Takes First Flight


Boeing’s newest super stretch wide-body, the 787-10, took its first flight this morning from Charleston International Airport (KCHS). The airplane, call sign Boeing One, toured around South Carolina between 15,000 and 20,000 feet for five hours, according to Boeing, testing flap and gear operation, and briefly accelerated as fast at 380 knots. A Lockheed T-33, a 1950s-era jet trainer owned by Boeing, flew chase.

This is the second extension of the composite-construction, dual-aisle jet with a maximum seating capacity of 330 passengers, up 36% from the 242 passengers in the original 787-8. Although stretched 18 feet from the 787-9, the maximum takeoff weight is unchanged, trading range for passenger and cargo capacity. Boeing reports orders of 1,207 787s of which already 149 are for the new 787-10. The two biggest customers for the “Dash 10,” Etihad Airways and Singapore Airlines, each have open orders for 30 airplanes.