Aernnova Joins Spike SST Effort


Aernnova, an aircraft-components manufacturer based in Spain, will collaborate with Spike in its project to develop a supersonic business jet, the two companies have announced. The partnership will accelerate Spike’s engineering efforts, the companies said, by adding Aernnova’s expertise in structural analysis to the project. Aernnova has over 4,300 employees in eight countries, including the U.S. The staff includes more than 1,000 engineers, who provide engineering services to aerospace manufacturers. “Aernnova will play an important role,” said Tom Langer, Spike’s senior engineer. Aernnova’s experts “will help our engineering team optimize [the jet’s] design, minimize loads, and reduce weight.” These loads are compounded at high angles of attack or during turns, the company said.

Spike Aerospace, based in Boston, was launched in 2011, and employs a team of more than 40 senior aerospace engineers. The company says its S-512 design will fly 500 mph faster than any other civilian aircraft. The program is competing with Aerion, based in Reno, Nevada, which has teamed up with Airbus. Aerion officials said in November they were looking for a U.S. site to build a manufacturing facility to produce copies of their supersonic business-jet design.