Airbus Talks Airspace Integration


Image: Airbus

Altiscope, the Unmanned Traffic Management group from A3 by Airbus, released a document that it is calling a “roadmap for the safe integration of autonomous aircraft” on Wednesday. Airbus says its Blueprint for the Sky is designed to open conversation on industry evolution and the policies and rule-making that can regulate autonomous operations.

“The shift to self- and remotely-piloted aircraft is exciting, and enables all manner of new opportunities. It also brings risks that need to be addressed now,” said Airbus CEO Tom Enders. “The airspace of tomorrow can only deliver on its promise through collaboration—regulators, manufacturers, service providers, investors and consumers, all working together with a common understanding.”

Before publication, Blueprint for the Sky was reviewed by individuals from institutions including the International Air Transport Association, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, National Air Traffic Controllers Association and World Economic Forum. The 29-page document (PDF) discusses future airspace needs, potential impacts of changes in aircraft, airspace and airports, and how to develop tools for enabling airspace integration.

A3‘s Altiscope is described as “a simulator for evaluating policy options and operational models for [air traffic management] systems.” A3 is also working on Airbus’ Vahana, a self-piloted, electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.