AVweb Reader Mail: March 12, 2018


ADS-B and Privacy

We are not properly addressing the privacy (in personal transportation) issues that are created by this system. Part of that discussion has to be the growing network of at-home computer users that are tracking private aircraft with FlightAware devices that are being pushed on the techie community by the flight tracking websites that benefit.

I am not ready to give up the privacy that virtually everyone has with their private automobile. There are multiple risks involved here, including corporate and personal security from criminal and terrorist activity. It’s just weird that we are not having this discussion.

Dean R. Brock

Cirrus Parachute

I recall talking with a Cirrus salesman. He said that if the non-flying spouse is involved with the purchase, then the “big red handle” definitely sways things. The pilot may be torn between a Cirrus, Mooney, or Bonanza, but as soon as the salesman points out the handle to the significant other and describes what it does, then that’s what they choose.

Kirk Wennerstrom

The Cirrus airframe and overall concept would appeal to pilots with or without the parachute. The parachute reportedly is a major selling point/comfort factor for their spouses. Ergo, helps sales.

Rollin Olson

ATC Privitzation

As long as there is money to be made and politicians to be bought, the effort to “Privatize” will continue.

Ric Smith