Bizjet Deadsticked To Safe Landing


A corporate flight crew reportedly deadsticked a Hawker Beechcraft 400XP to a safe landing at Buffalo International Airport on Saturday in an incident that would have made international headlines if it had gone any other way. The aircraft was carrying movie star Jennifer Lawrence from her hometown of Louisville to Teterboro. The aircraft took off at 11:46 and headed with a flight-planned destination of TEB but FlightAware shows a track well to the north of a direct route to New Jersey.

The Hawker was at 31,000 feet over northwestern Pennsylvania when it appears the first engine quit. That’s where the aircraft diverted to Buffalo and the second engine went out sometime after that. Mainstream media reports have concentrated on the fact that Lawrence walked off the plane unscathed after the safe landing. Because it occurred on the weekend none of the federal agencies that record such mishaps have listed it yet so there’s been no discussion of a possible cause.