Bizjet Sales Shift To U.S.


After several years of playing second fiddle to the rest of the world, the U.S. has reportedly reclaimed the top spot in terms of business jet sales. Oliver Stone, of U.K.-based brokerage firm Colibri Aircraft, told Business Jet Investor that in some market segments, 80 percent of the buyers are American.After years of aircraft leaving the US, we have seen a strong surge of activity going back to the US register, Stone said. He suggested the rebound of the U.S. market may help ease the concerns caused by problems in Eastern Europe.

Stone said despite the unrest in Ukraine, most Russian business people are not affected by economic sanctions and there is still a market for business aircraft. “There are many business people in Russia who will not be affected by the sanctions, and who will continue to use their aircraft,” he said. “There will continue to be private aviation business there and opportunities will remain.” Sellers also have to be aware of the market differences in Eastern Europe. “Unlike other countries in the region, the majority of private jets are owned by private individuals for personal use; very few are delivered specifically for the charter business,” said Marian Jancarik who runs that territory for Colibri. “This makes the population of the business jets in the Czech Republic very stable and signifies a growing industry.”