Boeings 737 Sets World Record


Boeing has produced 10,000 copies of the 737, setting a world record for the most-produced model of a commercial jet aircraft ever, the company said this week. Guinness World Records has certified the record. “This incredible milestone … represents more than 50 years of success and achievement on the part of thousands of Boeing employees past and present, our supplier partners, and our airline customers around the globe who put their confidence in the 737,” said Kevin McAllister, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The aircraft first flew in 1967, and has been continuously revised and updated. It is operated by more than 500 airlines, and flies to destinations in 190 countries.

At any given time, there are 1,250 737s in the air, Boeing said. Since entering service in 1968, the 737 has carried over 12 billion passengers over 65 billion NM, and has accumulated more than 296 million hours in the air. The 737 represents more than 25 percent of the worldwide fleet of large commercial jet airliners, Boeing says. The latest version of the airplane, the Max 9, was certified last month. Boeing said the 737 Max version is the fastest-selling airplane in its history, with more than 4,300 orders from 93 customers worldwide.