BVLOS Drone Operations Approved For AEDs


The future of package delivery has arrived in Reno, Nevada with the FAA’s approval of beyond-visual-line-of-sight drone operations by Flirtey. The company’s drones will first be able to deliver automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to medical emergencies. The drones will be operated by pilots using onboard cameras to maneuver the aircraft. The medical deliveries are a prelude to the gradual integration of commercial package delivery in the city. “Public safety is our top priority, and the use of drones to provide life-saving AED technology to cardiac patients will save lives across our community,” Reno MayorHillary Schieve said in a statement. Reno is one of 10 locations approved for experimental drone operations under an FAA program.

The significance of the FAA approval was highlighted by Flirtey CEO Matthew Sweeney. “Flirtey’s industry-leading technology is now approved for drone delivery beyond visual line of sight, a major milestone that brings life-saving and commercial drone delivery another step closer to your doorstep,” Flirtey founder and CEO Matthew Sweeny said in a news release. Among its partners in developing the technology are Dominoes and 7-Eleven.