Cessna Ends Mustang Production


Responding to rumors circulating in the aviation press, Cessna confirmed on Thursday that the last Citation Mustang has rolled off the production line. In 12 years, Cessna has produced over 470 copies of the light twin-jet, marketed as the entry-level aircraft for the owner-operator transitioning to multi-engine jets. “The Mustang proved to be an incredible success for our company and our customers, and we’re thrilled to celebrate the ingenuity and pride that went in to creating the world’s most popular entry-level light jet,” said Rob Scholl, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Cessna. “Mustang customers can continue to expect the highest level of service through maintenance, parts and support solutions from our Customer Service organization,” said Kriya Shortt, Cessna’s senior vice president of customer service.

Since its introduction in 2013, the Cessna M2 had cut deeply into sales of the Mustang, which went from selling around 40 copies to year to selling only 24 units in the previous three years combined. The M2 is also certified for single-pilot operations, but is faster and larger than the Mustang, while operating out of nearly the same sized runways. The M2 can also be flown with the much more common C/E-525 type rating, which covers the Cessna jets all the way up to the 10-passenger CJ4+.