Cirrus Introduces Second Generation Vision Jet


Image: Cirrus Aircraft

Cirrus Aircraft has announced the launch of the next generation of its single-engine Vision Jet. According to the company, the G2 Vision Jet offers an increase in maximum operating altitude from FL280 to FL310 and slight improvements to the first generation’s 300-knot top cruise speed (305ktas) and 1,200nm range (1,275nm). Other G2 upgrades include autothrottle, the Perspective Touch+ by Garmin flight deck, True Blue 17 amp-hour TB17 lithium-ion batteries and new noise-reduction features.

“Much like the last twenty years of reimagining the SR Series with constant improvements to performance, safety and comfort, the G2 Vision Jet is the culmination of that same spirit of innovation,” said Cirrus President of Innovation & Operations Pat Waddick.

Cirrus says it is approaching 100 Vision Jet deliveries worldwide since the aircraft was certified by the FAA in 2016. The aircraft, which was awarded the 2017 Robert J. Collier Trophy, is powered by a single Williams International FJ33-5A engine and comes with a whole-airframe parachute system. G2 deliveries are scheduled to begin this month. The price tag for a fully-equipped G2 Vision Jet (“Elite” configuration) is $2.75 million.