Crowdsourcing Helps Launch Sunglasses Line


Aviation sunglasses manufacturer Summer Hawk Optics is using crowdsourcing to help bring its latest line of headset-friendly sunglasses to market sooner rather than later. CEO Dean Siracusa said in a news release that the new glasses feature extremely thin temples (the part that goes over the ear) making them comfortable to wear under a variety of headgear. The company, which sells the glasses under the Flying Eyes brand, launched its Indiegogo campaign recently and is offering a variety of incentives for investment in the launch of the new line of sunglasses.

The sunglasses were launched with interchangeable strap and temples. The strap is used when headgear, such as a headset, is worn and provides minimal interference with the headgear. The temples are snapped in place for everyday use. The new thin temples target an expanded market. “With the new super thin temples, Flying Eyes has reached new markets including aviation ground crew, motorcyclists, EMT and firefighters, equestrian show jumpers, racing pit crews and even surgeons in the operating room with their new clear bifocal lens option,” the news release said.